Haylee is an exceptional and passionate educator who displays all of the necessary qualities of a teacher whose main priority is empowering modern learners. She is willing and able to adapt to the learning needs of her students and she is able to identify these needs effectively because she puts the needs of her students first, even when it means having to go outside of her comfort zone. She cares about her students and wants them to feel known and respected, and this is evident in the way that she interacts with them in both the most formal and informal capacities. I cannot say enough good things about her as a teacher. – Kyle, Peel District School Board

As a parent, knowing your child has an outstanding teacher is an amazing feeling. A teacher who stands behind your child without making judgments; helping them to learn in a way that makes them comfortable, with support, empathy, and kindness at every turn. A teacher who also puts an enormous amount of time into working together with you as a parent, as a partner in education and well-being of your child, and truly wants them to succeed. Haylee Weese is that outstanding teacher. Dynamic and smart, kind and patient, savvy and intuitive, Haylee puts the learning of her students at the forefront and extraordinary effort into every lesson plan, in every subject, every day. These efforts yield great results. My children are open to learning in new and innovative ways – embracing technology and loving it – because of Ms. Weese. Through relatable and engaging, age-appropriate materials, Haylee uses immense creativity to inspire original lesson plans that encourage and promote collaboration in the classroom or learning session, empowering every child to feel like they belong, are contributing and progressing – regardless of their ability or level. In Haylee, my children see more than an educational leader: they see a mentor, someone they can trust, and a teacher who embraces their learning needs, goals and aspirations, making them feel comfortable and safe in any situation. Haylee Weese brings out the best in every child and is helping my children to shine, even when they thought they couldn’t. Her gentle but firm leadership has created several ‘turning points’ in their learning and I remain grateful for her dedication, professionalism and support. – Sarah, parent

During my years teaching, I have rarely met such an outstanding young person. Haylee is an independent learner with a curious nature that drives her exceptional capacity to grasp concepts quickly. In her youth, Haylee volunteered in my classroom and I was always impressed by her ability to complete tasks. Haylee never fails to apply herself whole heartedly with diligence. She always strives for excellence and ultimately achieves it. As a result, I had no reservations trusting her to work with my students. It was during these times that I saw Haylee’s creative side. She possesses the unique abilities associated with the logical flow of critical thinkers and the innovative nature of creative thinkers. – Sue, Thames Valley District School Board

Haylee is an exceptional teacher. Her dedication to the profession is evident by her ability to teach any student. She will tailor her lessons so that each type of learner will succeed. I am grateful for teachers like Haylee because of the importance of education in empowering our children. – Irit, parent

Haylee is very thorough in her research and presentation of information. This is a characteristic that carries into her teaching practice in a very positive manner. Her natural instincts for teaching and learning are always present in her reflective practice. She clearly demonstrates her focus of being a life-long learner who is always seeking to learn and grow. -Jane, University of Western Ontario